India People Photography

Christmas eve is nearly here again, I hopefully have all the presents for people purchased and wrapped now. Couple nights back I finished the first set of candid / people photography from India. In general everyone I met in India was very welcoming, and ready to help in any way they could. It’s the tourists…

Nature photos from India

Processing images from my India trip is going very slow, I put it down to the busy Christmas build-up and Modern Warfare 2, well mainly Modern Warfare 2. Online multiplayer is very addictive,  at the moment I’m playing it twice a day, I have to say it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. …

Magical Munnar

I’ve finally finished processing my photos taken in Munnar, India. We went to Munnar for two days staying at the High Range Club. I could have stayed for a week of taking photos but we had to stick to our tight itinerary. Good excuse to go back I say 🙂 . The High Range Club…

Car Accident

Last night I was in a car accident, no one was hurt but my poor van looks like its a gonna 🙁 .
So far since returning home from holiday, the electric shower has broken, heating isnt working properly, car crash, I dare not touch anything else.