Red-footed Falcon (Falco vespertinus)

While in Bulgaria we were driving along the road and noticed some interesting birds sitting on a telegraph poll, we pulled over to see a pair of Red-footed Falcons (Falco vespertinus). This is the first time we have seen these birds.  We watched them hunt for about 20mins and I grabbed some photographs.   I couldn’t…


Sparrow Hawk

Its been some time since I’ve posted on my photo blog.  We moved house late last year and work has been busy, only managed to pickup my camera a few times in the last couple months. Early December 2013 morning I managed to capture this lovely Sparrow Hawk perching on the apple tree in the…


Little boy

Couple weekends back we went to visit some friends, as ever I dragged my camera bag and kit with me. Our friends little boy is growing up so fast, I try to get some photos of him every time we meet up, he changes so quickly. He is now running around and enjoying being able…


Trip to the Isle of Mull

We have just got back from a wonderful trip to the Isle of Mull in Scotland. We left Milton Keynes with snow on the ground then 6 hours later we had arrived at our friends house just outside Edinburgh. It was cold but somehow we had managed to dodge all the snow hitting the Midlands…


Little Gem

A friend of mine asked me to do a photoshoot of her kids just before Christmas. Very hard work getting all four little ones to look at the camera and smile 🙂 Managed to get a selection of photos for her. One of the photos I really liked came from a quick un-posed capture. After…