The snake charmer and Christmas

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, I have been full of a cold all Christmas. Getting all the family to meet up over Christmas was fun, the Debouge clan went over to the mother in laws for Christmas dinner, I drank Bitburger all day to help ease the throat and cold, seemed to do the trick for a few hours. We all had a great day, even my dog Boris :-). My better half got me a fancy Leatherman Charge for Christmas and few fishing lures 🙂 . So far the rest of the Christmas holiday has been spent on the sofa watching films on a friends projector and keeping warm with a nice bottle of Hendrix gin, or should I say Hendrix heaven gin.

I have managed to find some time to process some more photos from my trip.
When in Fort Cochin I saw a snake charmer on the street outside our hotel.
We paid the man a few rupees and he did a great show for me, so good I paid him again for another show :-). Below are some of the photos I took.

I have some more photos of the snake charmer on here , please let me know what you think by adding a comment here or on Flickr.

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