Trip to the Isle of Mull

snowscapeWe have just got back from a wonderful trip to the Isle of Mull in Scotland.

We left Milton Keynes with snow on the ground then 6 hours later we had arrived at our friends house just outside Edinburgh. It was cold but somehow we had managed to dodge all the snow hitting the Midlands and North west.

The next morning we set off to Oban to get the ferry over to Mull.  As we drove to Oban we saw some beautiful landscapes and snow covered mountains.  It was a pleasure to drive.  About 30mins away from Oban all the snow disappeared and the sun came out 🙂

ferryWe had a look around Oban, grabbed some lunch and left for the ferry. After a short ferry crossing we arrived and drove off the ferry to finally arrive on Mull.  Only 24 hours before we didn’t know if we would make it because of the harsh weather hitting the country.  Mull had not been hit by the snow at all really.

We drove to our accommodation down single track roads though beautiful landscapes and forests. Once we arrived we unpacked and went to the local pub 🙂



The next morning we had arranged to visit the White Tailed Eagle hide. After about an hour’s drive we arrived at the hide and met RSPB Officer Dave Sexton.  We were to be the first visitors of the season to use the hide.  Once we reached it we saw the female eagle sitting on the nest. Shortly after the male arrived and landed on the nest as well.  It was great to see both birds interact with each other and show signs of courtship.  What a sight to behold.



Photo taken with mobile phone down a scope, very crude setup 🙂
On the way back to our accommodation we also saw a Golden Eagle perched on a rock, another impressive sight.



The following day we went on a guided wildlife tour of the island and saw many different birds and wildlife including otters, golden eagles, sea eagles, deer, stonechats, and many different waders.




















For the next few days we explored the island more and more and found some beautiful beaches and lochs.


We sampled award winning seafood at Cafe Fish in Tobermory and tried some very nice Mull cheese from the farm shops.


Best of all the weather stayed sunny and almost t-shirt weather at times.


We had a great time on the island and found some beautiful locations and amazing wildlife, we can’t wait to visit again.



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