About me

Photography is my passion. Since getting my first digital camera I haven’t stopped taking photos, and when I upgraded to an SLR camera I begun to dedicate more and more time to this creative art as my enthusiasm grew. In the last couple of years I’ve started to earn a living from photography and I’ve never looked back since.

I enjoy doing different types of photography and love to capture new subjects and experiment with new techniques. From animals, people and places to natural shots, documentaries and still life, I love to create powerful images that have an emotional impact and that, ultimately, engage us/the spectator.

I like to frame an image with as much attention to detail as possible, so when I look through the lens of my camera I aim to capture the moment from a unique angle that expresses my appreciation of the subject. Perhaps this is why my preferred style of photography is up-close and personal!

My website gallery is a glimpse into the world of images I’ve managed to capture on camera. These are just a few of my favourites and each has it’s own story – of what I was trying to achieve and how I got the shot. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed getting them for you!

Let me know what you think.


PS If you would like to know about any image or use any of my photography services please contact me any time.