Wild Boar in the Forest of Dean

Late September last year we visited the Forest of Dean, after spending couple hours driving we arrived at our hotel.  We had already booked at a hotel run by ex Gurkha’s, the hotel also had a restaurant serving authentic Nepalese food.  We got our bags in and went straight out again to make the most of the good weather, it had been raining solid for the last few days.  We stopped off at Cannop Ponds and went for a walk.
Just 25mins into the walk I heard some boar.  We crept up the path slowly to see 3 Wild Boars rooting around in the leaves.

Wild Boar Forest of Dean

I moved on ahead to try and get closer without spooking them too much.

The light was poor and I was shooting hand-held so the shots could have been better but I was happy to see the boar nether mind get a photo.  Some people visit the wood searching for boar for the week and don’t come across any.  We had been in the woods about 30mins and found some and photographed them.

Wild Boar

We left the Boar to do their business and carried on with our walk. We did a circular route around that part of the forest and covered about 2 miles, well that’s what endomondo GPS tracking seemed to think, It seemed like more than 2 miles to me :-)

Well after the walk we went back to our hotel to get ready for some Nepalese food :-) , the food was great, so nice and fresh tasting. A few beers then off to bed as we planned to get up early the next day.

The next morning we woke up and the weather was grim, rain again :-( , we had a relaxing breakfast and waited for the rain to pass.  couple hours later the weather was good so we set off to a different part of the forest for a fungi foray the OH had planned.

We saw loads of cool mushrooms and a few rare ones, see next blog post mushroom photos.

while walking around the forest we came across a family of Wild boar this time. They walked about 10m away from us just passing not bothered at all.

Wild Boar

Harsh light and poor composition , but still a good experience.

Wild Boar Family

Its was time to go home after this, excellent weekend. We had managed to see boar on both days and the weather was kind to us.


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